Gold Standard – The Crypto Currency Gold Standard System

The Gold Standard system operating in 120 countries, has over 500 thousand regular customers and 120 million euros of Gold Standard capital. Gold Standard is confidently approaching the unicorn status. Capitalization of our successful ventures will be more than $1 billion within a year.

We bridge the gap between people and gold with our successful projects rooted in blockchain technology.

КС Bank Hong Kong Gold Trading operates its gold mining project with annual gold sales revenue of 600 million dollars.

КС Bank Miami, the world’s first Crypto Bank, which income will be $5 billion after the ICO phase completion.

Karatbars Digital Stock Exchange is an innovative trading platform aimed to work for the huge financial industry; will have a turnover of $3 billion in the first year.

Karatbit Cryptocurrency Exchange: has a turnover of $150 billion. Each year this volume will increase by 100%.

KaratGold Coin. Its ICO has raised more than $100 million to become one of the largest in the history.

KaratCoin Bank. Project on the issue of gold-backed cryptocurrency to provide the blockchain-based Payment System.

KBC and KCB coins are covered with physical gold. The Goldmine “Fort Dauphin” in Madagascar having gold reserves of $1.2 billion.

The growth in the cost of all these projects allows Gold Standard to become the basis of the future financial system. KCB and KBC will create an independent gold circulation that more and more people address to in conditions of instability. Support of banks and physical gold behind them serve as a basis for their rapid growth. Today, a transparent structure has been created that enables to receive significant profits from all our projects and fairly reward all our Leaders and Investors.

Gold Standard has developed a global solution connected to gold. The Gold Standard system on providing banking services, issue of payment cards, as well as work with ATMs, E-Wallets and the KaratPay has been created.

Gold Standard takes decisive steps to complete the visionary mission of building up circulation of gold-backed cryptocurrencies.

Gold Standard announces that July 4th, 2019 will become the Gold Independence Day. Starting from July 4th, 2019, KBC coins can be exchanged for pure physical gold at the rate of 100 KBC = 1g.

The gold in the Fort Dauphin goldmine in Madagascar worth of $1.2 billion will be mined and used to back KBC. Gold Standard is making arrangements to buy the next gold mine to expand gold mining.

The next decisive and determinant step to be taken is making the MAINNET available for the public, an innovative blockchain where Gold Standard is extensively investing its efforts and resources today.

After the MAINNET release, which will take place on September 4, 2019, both coins – KBC and KCB will be transferred to their own blockchain with their market value protected. A single coin will be created, backed by gold and freely exchangeable for gold. The MAINNET will become the basis for the global payment system.

The goals set by Gold Standard will be achieved at the designated time. We have a clear understanding of what we do, we know how to do it and we see what the result will be. In a year we will live and work in a different world, the world enjoying the gold circulation brought back by Gold Standard.

We make the financial future of the world and are glad to have you around: and

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S. Michael


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